Beat PMS

PMS can last up to two weeks a month. That’s half of your life! Free up your energy by getting rid of PMS and repurpose it towards the things you care about.

Here you will find all the resources to get rid of PMS, organized by category.

Don’t have time and just want the most effective and quick strategies? This 5 minutes PMS guide is for you.

PMS Treatments

You can get rid of PMS with simple techniques that require very little money or time. What it does require is some consistency and readiness to change your habits.

As there are no two identical persons, you may respond better to a specific set of treatments than the person next to you.

Choose a strategy

There are many claims on the internet over dozens of miracle cures for PMS, making it hard to separate the real from the fake.

Luckily, there is also a plethora of serious studies and medical websites that inform well about PMS. The online PMS and PMDD communities are also a good indicator of what works and what doesn’t.

Since PMS is periodic, most of the strategies will be applied periodically. That’s because your body has different needs during each phase of the cycle.

The different strategies can be divided into categories:

Keep in mind that there is no unique treatment for PMS that works for all women. Rather, you should combine a few treatments together. You’ll need to experiment a bit until you find what works best for you.


This is probably the easiest way to start treating PMS.

Supplements nowadays are cheap and require no effort whatsoever on your part. You just need to take them at the right moment of the cycle.

Levels of vitamins and minerals fluctuate in women’s blood along the cycle. Some studies have shown that blood levels of certain minerals and vitamins are decreasing during PMS. This suggests that micro nutrient deficiencies might be involved in the mechanisms of PMS.

That would explains why many women experience relief just by starting to take a few supplements in a periodic way.

Some of the supplements, like magnesium, are “staples” : they tackle a broad range of symptoms at once. Others, like psyllium, which is a fiber supplement, are focused on treating a specific symptom.

In the supplementation category, you will familiarize yourself with:

  • the supplements for PMS
  • how they can benefit you
  • how much to take
  • when to take them
  • precautions and side effects

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Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are usually the hardest thing to do but also the biggest game changers. Those lifestyle changes can treat 90% of your symptoms, because they impact widely your whole physiology.

Of course, it’s easier to pop a few pills than getting your butt off the couch for a workout. But those lifestyle changes are likely to generate huge benefits for PMS and for your life.

Common Lifestyle Changes for PMS


Starting an exercise routine or increasing the quantity and quality of your trainings is the number one way to improve your symptoms. And your life. That’s because exercise creates a beneficial cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters in your body. You can check the 5 minutes workouts for PMS to get started with baby steps.


Optimizing the things you eat can impact greatly the way you feel around your cycle. Food influences your hormones and vital processes. That’s why many of your symptoms can be addressed just by adding some fibers, proteins and micronutrients to your diet. Don’t worry, you don’t need to stop eating delicious chocolatey things. Check the recipes section to find yum-azing recipes for healthy comfort food you can indulge in.


Sleep is a key process your body needs in order to rest, repair itself, and clean the garbage. Support your natural body maintenance by improving the quality of your sleep. Improved bodily functions equals less negative symptoms during PMS.

Chronic Stress

Switching from chronic stress to punctual positive stress is an important step in your fight against PMS. Chronic stress messes with your hormones, making PMS worse. A mix of lifestyle changes and perspective switching can help you defeat chronic stress and become a better-performing person.

By making those positive changes you will not only eradicate PMS, but also become a healthier, happier and more self-confident person.

Once you’ve taken the decision that you want to become more, that you don’t want to settle for less, you’ll get a boost to your self esteem and motivation. Ultimately, you will become addicted to the feeling of upgrading your life.

Just as there are vicious cycles, there are also virtuous cycles, so get yourself on an upward spiral by starting changing your lifestyle now.

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Tackling resistant symptoms

Many symptoms will disappear easily with lifestyle changes and supplements. Others may require special attention if they resist those strategies.

For instance, a staple PMS treatment, like exercising, may treat 80% of your symptoms, but not be effective on the remaining 20%. It may improve your low mood, brain fog, bad sleep and food cravings, but not be effective on constipation.

Tackling specific symptoms can be done by trying treatments one by one from the most gentle to the most aggressive.

You may then stop the escalation as soon as one of them works. That way, you’ll only give your body the gentlest treatment needed, with minimal disruption of its natural balance.

Tackling symptoms: example

Let’s take constipation as an example again. Here are some ways to treat it divided by the aggressiveness of the treatment on your body.

Gentle TreatmentModerate TreatmentAggressive Treatment
Eat more fibers, drink more water, and moveDrink coffee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, then drink lots of water.Take a laxative
Drink lots of fluids (water, tea, hot cocoa, decaf coffee) on an empty stomach first thing in the morningTake a fiber supplement like psyllium and drink lots of water for a few days.

After you’ve treated your symptom in the short-term, you’ll learn the keys to prevent it altogether. To continue the constipation example, you may learn to integrate more fibery foods in your regular diet, when to drink fluids, and which foods to avoid for constipation.

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Solving underlying issues

Because PMS lowers your mood and pain tolerance, you may pay more attention to the problems in your life during that time of the cycle.

That’s what’s called PME : Premenstrual Exacerbation.

PMS can exacerbate issues you already have, making you notice them more at that time of the cycle. Those issues can be emotional, psychological or physiological.

It’s critical to know if an issue is caused by PME or PMS in order to find the right solution.

In general, if an issue is caused by PME, you will need to deal with it separately from PMS.

Examples of PMS exacerbated issues

  • Relationships issues
    You may think that PMS is the cause of your monthly break up with your partner. It could be. But there is probably a deeper issue than that. Solving it will decrease drastically the PMS symptoms you experience with your partner (likely anger, irritability, lack of interest for intimacy).

  • Insulin resistance
    You blame PMS for your bottomless sweet cravings. Yes, PMS causes cravings because it decreases insulin sensitivity. But the root issue could be your lifestyle or genetics. Increasing your insulin sensitivity by losing weight, eating less sweets and exercising is the first step to reduce your cravings.

  • Iron deficiency anemia
    You think PMS is the root cause for your cyclical exhaustion. Yes, PMS makes you more tired than usual, but there could be an underlying cause to your fatigue, like anemia. Check your hemoglobin and iron levels, and supplement if they are too low.

There are endless examples of how PMS can exacerbates pre existing problems, whether physical or emotional. In order to efficiently treat those symptoms, you need to differentiate between the underlying issues and those that are caused by PMS.

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Be the strongest version of yourself

After all is said about treating PMS, let’s talk about individual responsibility.

Yes, hormones do have an important impact on your behavior. But they can’t be an excuse to victimize yourself.

Above all, in order to make positive changes in your life, it’s critical to see PMS as an opportunity to improve rather than an excuse for being mediocre.

Let your PMS act as an “inner critic” to identify changes needed in your life. For instance if you want to quit your job every cycle during PMS, you need to examine what’s wrong and come with solutions.

Let’s be problem solvers, lifehackers and strong persons. By becoming the strongest version of yourself you will not only improve your life but also the life of the people surrounding you.


Getting rid of PMS is a huge step towards a better life. By freeing up your energy each cycle, you can focus better on the important things in your life.

There are a variety of ways to improve your symptoms, most of them have positive side effects on your life.

Reducing adverse behaviors is as important as increasing beneficial behaviors when treating PMS.

PMS can exacerbate pre existing issues, thus it is important to solve those issues as well.