How does the cycle influence us?

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If you have PMS, you already know to which extent the cycle can influence your life. But the influence of the cycle extends way beyond PMS.

Because bleeding is a very visual evidence of the cycle, many women tend to forget that bleeding is just a small part of the cycle. The cycle is a month long process inside your body with very real physiological implications.

The hormonal fluctuations affect our:

  • physiology
  • behavior
  • decisions
  • feelings
  • performance
  • sleep
  • appearance
  • etc..

If you think that the cycle has no effect on your life, either

  • You are not very sensitive to hormonal changes
    This is fairly common and completely fine !
    If that’s your case, cycle-optimizing your life may not bring a lot of benefits to you, because the cycle has so little effect on you.
  • You don’t pay attention to the effects of your cycle
    This is the case of many women who don’t track their cycle.
    By tracking your cycle you’ll be able to uncover your cycle-strengths and weaknesses, and use them in your day to day life.

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