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How does the cycle affect you?

Did you know that

  • you look, act and smell a lot sexier around ovulation
  • your appetite naturally shrinks after your period
  • the best time to ask for a raise is on days 10-14 of your cycle
  • you are more likely to break-up with your partner on days 22-28

The cycle affects you in so many more ways than just “having periods”.

The female hormones fluctuate widely (and wildly) during your cycle, influencing your body, mind, feelings and behaviors.

The Cycle Phases

The cycle can be divided into different phases. Each one of the phases is characterized by its own specific hormonal state.

For instance during the follicular phase estrogen, oxytocin and serotonin are high and progesterone is low. Those hormone levels create a state of joy, high energy, and playfulness.

During ovulation, your estrogen reaches a peak and there is a surge of testosterone, making you self-confident and assertive.

During the luteal phase, the progesterone has a calming, if not sedative effect, making you seek quieter activities. Progesterone can also make you constipated.

And those are just a few ways the cycle impacts you among hundreds.

Each hormonal state influences your body and mind in its own way.

By knowing the effects of your cycle on your body and mind, you can start taking advantage of it and stop struggling against it !

Maximize your life

By tracking your cycle, you can become aware of

  • Your cycle strengths and weaknesses
  • Their timing

You may discover

  • That you are a great negotiator around ovulation
  • That it’s easier for you to lose weight just after your period
  • That bonding during the follicular phase can save your relationship
  • That your sex drive is highest during ovulation and before period
  • That you make bad decisions during the luteal phase
  • Etc.

With that information, you can start doing the right things at the best time of your cycle. For instance, you can schedule your salary negotiations on the day of your ovulation. Or you can take a timeframe during PMS where you don’t schedule anything, in order to rest more.

Cycle syncing is a great way to free up your energy by scheduling your activities so they fit best the time of the cycle.

Our mission

Improve women’s well being

That includes providing tools to

  • Beat PMS
  • Improve your health
  • Improve your well being

Spread cycle awareness

We believe that cycle awareness can greatly improve women’s lives. It’s powerful because:

  • You are aware of the impact of the phases of the cycle on you
  • You know the timing of your strengths and weaknesses
  • You can plan your life around your cycle to leverage its strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

Guide women towards their goals

If you want more from life, you can achieve great breakthroughs with strategies that are based on the cycle.

You can make great improvements in your:

  • self-development
  • relationships
  • self-confidence
  • fitness
  • career
  • dreams

Our commitment

  • Provide only science-backed information
  • Stick to free or at least budget friendly solutions
  • Keep things simple
  • Motivate you to become the best version of yourself

We will never

  • Recommend bullshit supplementsĀ 
  • Sell costly treatments
  • Push any ideology on you